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November 24, 2009

Recent updates of Clubpenguin

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clubpenguin pin
The new pin is at the “Coffee Shop”.

There’s a new card-Jistu game for ninjas. It’s the fire version of Card-Jistu. I can’t quite get to the games though. I will shortly post about it so don’t worry.

I’m back

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Hello, Sorry i’ve been gone for pretty much a long time. I had my penguin saved on my computer, and i didn’t remember the password. So then my penguin some how got deleted from my save and i didn’t get it back until a month ago. So now i will post on my blog once again like i always did. I hope i still have viewers! I will start doing it soon when i get settled. – Feverincp

April 16, 2009

times issue 183 – Clubpenguin

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The new clubpenguin newspaper is here. Here are the upcoming events…


- The Stage play will stay in Clubpenguin until “May 7th!” -


April 10, 2009

Clubpenguin- easter egg hunt cheats!

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Hey guys, I’ve put the cheats in order. :D

The first one is at the Town. Click the light with all the snowballs thrown at to get it.


The 2nd one is at the cove on the right.


The third egg is in the mine shack. Put your mouse over the cave and a cart will come with the egg on top of it.


The fourth is at the Dojo Courtyard. Click the lantern on the right.


The Fifth egg is at the gift shop. Click the middle square hat.


The sixth egg Is in the Ski lodge. Move your mouse over the fishing box for it.


For the seventh egg, Click the top of the directions sign and it will pop out.


For the last one, It’s at the lighthouse beacon. Flip the switch to Off.


This is the awesome prize you’ll claim!


And that’s all of the cheats!

Also, visit Www. Im a new author there!


April 9, 2009

clubpenguin – New upcoming events!

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The new newspaper is now on clubpenguin. Here are the upcoming events…


Also, The April fools party is over.


April 1, 2009

Clubpenguin april fools party cheats

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Hey guys, Happy April fools day! The cheats for the April-fools party are below…

Did you know, There selling boxes? Make sure to get the portal box! If you put it in your igloo, And you click and go to it it’ll take you somewhere special. to get it, Its located at the snow forts.


Here is the special (Secret) place…


Also, The free item is in the mine. its has came back!



March 23, 2009

april fools sneak peak!

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Billy-bob has gave us a sneak peak of the april fools club penguin party. Heres the picture of the sneak peak –


What do you think that is for? I’ll have to ask billy bob!


March 20, 2009

Clubpenguin igloo catalog cheats

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Hey guys, Sorry i haven’t been posting lately. I’ve been busy lately once again. Im also sorry to the person who had did some dirty language calling to me. And, Spamming. I don’t know what has happen.

First lets start off with the picture of the catalog.


Click the electric guitar shadow box for the disco ball.


Click the word “puffle” for the white puffle poster.


Click on the koi pond for the ice table.


Click on the pinata for the aquarium.


Click on the velvet rope for the welcome mat.


Click on the snow castle for the green bird-house.


March 13, 2009

Clubpenguin St patrick’s day party cheats

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The new St. Patricks party is here. And here are the cheats (official) for the new party…

The new pin is in the ski lodge. In the pot of gold.


The Two free items

The first free item is in the coffee shop.


The second free item is in the Old house in the forest on the right.

new item

I hope these cheats helped you all out!

March 6, 2009

Clubpenguin clothing catalog cheats & new puffle

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the new club penguin catalog has been released. I have found some secrets for it. Check them out below -…


click on the pot of gold in the background to get a pot o’ gold.


click on the word “MORE” in the penguin awards page for a boa.


press the “FE” in coffee for the spikester.


press the “R” in clearance for the fruit headdress.


Click the pink square for the spikette.


Click the circled beam for a viking helmet.


Also, The new puffle (WHITE) is here! here is what it dances like: (I was dancing but it looks like i was sitting)


The white puffles are the same price, Same thing too. But their white. Although i didn’t discover what their play is.


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